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a mysterious package arrived at my house today...
so I peeled back the paper...
and I peeked inside...Collapse )

frodo, don't wear the ring

that is all.

oh and click this for me? if you don't mind.
Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

This made me laugh my ass off

so I thought I would share

that is all.
So Kousetsu Hyaku Monogatari is great! Really short, only 13 episodes, but it's crazy, dark, the main character is a cutie, and it's a fun story with really twisted goings on. The English title is Requiem From the Darkenss though it isn't a litteral translation. But I enjoyed it. Next on my list is Monster.

other than that things are slowly falling into place.
I get to play tennis today which I haven't done in a while. but the problem is that I forgot my knee braces. So hopefully the running about wont be too bad. The last time I played something similar (Racket Ball) with Kev, I was limping the rest of the day, but we rode bikes to the court. And since I already know now that I can't ride a bike, I am more inclined to believe it was from the ride than the game. So we shall see.

Mom and Kev are gone all weekend because of Boy Scouts so it will be a nice and quiet weekend. hooray!
So, for my wonderful roommate lindskaba who is allowed to be on the interwebs but is not allowed to reads while at work.
I thought that perhaps a few moments of you time could be taken up by watching some fun vids that I know you will enjoy.
and of course even if you are not lindskaba you will enjoy these vids of her Lily!

Linds! make sure the sound on the work compy is off or something. here there be jingles!

she seems to be on the rug here. in other vids she is on the wood floor and blends in less. hmm

more where that came from!Collapse )
meme'd in the eyeCollapse )
so Fry just said that he had a Chevy Nova. Which wouldn't be a big deal. except that I drove one for a few years back in the day! Which means that my stupid old dinky car just got that much cooler!
shut up! leave me my delusions!

Oct. 28th, 2007

8 days.

why am I not excited?

Oct. 25th, 2007

so I just got back from three hours of essay writing and my hand hurts! good thing that this is the last year of that.
I also realize that I have been holing myself up inside the apartment. so tomorrow I plan to go to an improv show that is happening on campus that some of my friends are in. hopefully I will bump into some cool peeps that I haven't seen in a while and miss!
and I'd write more now. but the cat wants attention and I am le tired!
so goodnight all. <3

tiger lily

so as many of you probably know my lovely roommate lindskaba has recently gotten a kitty. the said kitty is adorable and settling in quite nicely (i.e. she runs the joint! <3)
and round about 3 am there was some random late night kitty play which I happened to be lucky enough to catch on camera. so be warned!

don't click if you don't like cute adorable playful kitties!Collapse )